The Division Handles The Preparation From Manufacturing To Packing With Quality Checkup At All The Stages.
Vial Division

The glass vial injections ranging from 2 ml to 100 ml vials are prepared for the use in the health profession for both human products as well as veterinary products.

Ampoule Division

The hermetically sealed glass ampoules are handled in the sizes varying from 1 ml to 25 ml in various packing from single to 100 ampoules packing as in proper box packing, tray packing and plastic tray packing. The said products are used for human health care.

Ophthalmic division

The products varying from 3 ml to 15 ml packing are prepared for the use in the ophthalmic divisions, all the condition of eyes are taken care off.

Dry Powder Division

β lactam Antibiotics are prepared, the groups are handled by us are as follows

  • Penicillins Groups like a. ampicillin b. amoxycillin c. cloxacillin etc.
  • Cephalaxin group like a. cefotaxime b. ceftriaxone c. cefoparazone d. ceftazidime etc.
  • Combination of resistance preparation like ampicillin/ ceftriaxone / cefoparazone with sulbactum & piperacillin with tazobactum etc.
  • Penam group like a Meropenam, Ertapenam etc.

The style of Stickering /Labeling at packing in various products, taken into consideration as per the requirements.
Shrink packing of the injectable as well as carton packing in ampoule, Injection and ophthalmic preparation are done in the requirement of the market.