About Us

Intensifying from a humble startup before 17 successful years, Carewin Pharmaceutical is today a renowned supplier of pharmaceutical formulations across the world. Idealized by a visionary leader Mr. Ranjit Parmar and Co-Created by Mr.Dhiren Patel and Mr.Ashish Shah, Carewin today specializes in manufacturing of Injections & Eye Drops under the parental division of pharmacy.

Carewin manufactures and distributes anti acidic, antibiotic, anti-allergic, anti-poisoning, pain killer and other injections. We have a resilient presence across India with a high decibel reach in Andra Pradesh, Kolkata, Gujarat, Jharkhand and Maharatra. We also export our products in Africa, Russian blocks, Latin America, South East Asia and the like.

At Carewin, Quality is our chief priority. Our manufacturing unit based out of Saket Industrial Estate, Ahmedabad, Gujarat has been recognized and certified by the government through Schedule M Certification. We bag a team of around 100 specialized workers who help us shape the organization effectively and efficiently.


To transpire as a world leader in manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical formulations through creation value with superior quality and competitive prices, thereby reaching to the consumers with effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Driving Quality at every stage of our manufacturing process.
  • Building Efficiencies through effective logistics and distribution systems.
  • Serving the society with Value Offerings.